How to save on utility bills in winter

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – As the cold weather approaches, people turn up the heat in their homes to try to stay warm, but that can also increase your monthly utility bills.

Some may think, how can I save money in winter?

Julie Boles, director of marketing and communications for the East Mississippi Electric Power Association, has some money-saving tips to keep in mind.

“Number one, just make sure you seal all the cracks around your windows and doors, and don’t forget your attic access doors. Make sure they are sealed and they close properly so you don’t lose heat there either. So thirdly, this is a simple easy trick that you can open your blinds when the sun is out and you can let that heat in through your windows and close them at night to keep the heat inside the house. Boles said.

Presented by the East Mississippi Electric Power Association prepayment option when paying your bill.

The Energy Association also offers energy saving device track your usage online and recommends households check their HVAC systems during the winter months.

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