Glencoe neighbors express concern over noise coming from cryptocurrency mine

Neighbors in Glencoe are worried about the latest buzz in the community.

The sound, coming from a cryptocurrency mining facility, is constant – and it’s driving the neighbors crazy.

Now they’re asking city leaders to do something about the noise.

Eddie Gould and Sandy Olson say they’re used to living in a noisy place because their home is along a truck route and near an industrial park. However, in nearly 50 years in the house, they say nothing compares to what they’ve heard lately.

Gould and Olson say the buzz hasn’t stopped since the company called Bit49 they first came to their neighborhood last fall. The company’s crypto mining operation is based in Colorado and is across the street from their home.

Watch the video to hear the whirring of the fans that keep the computers cool.

“We’re frustrated, we’re upset, we’re basically traumatized by it because you know the noise, it’s constant noise,” Olson said. “You can hear it inside. Our bedroom is over there. You can hear him inside. We can’t open the windows because you’d have to listen to it all night.”

Gould and Olson say they contacted the company and city leaders, but nothing was done to stop the noise.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS contacted Glencoe Mayor Ryan Voss, and he says the city is working with Bit49 to reduce the noise to a more appropriate level.

The mayor says they’ve put noise blankets on the fences around Bit49 to try to block out the noise, but Gould and Olson say that’s not enough.

They are calling on city leaders to do more.

5 EWWITNESS NEWS reached out to Bit49 for comment and they have not yet responded.

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