Forecast for Saturday: Isolated showers, a little wet

This morning remains dry, but will still feel dry, as a cold front has stalled to the north of us. Fortunately, another cold front is expected to pass by Wednesday, bringing some relief, but wet conditions are expected in the meantime. This weekend will see seasonal highs in the upper 80s with lows in the low 70s.

We’ll get off to a dry start in southwest Florida this morning, with isolated showers developing in the afternoon. It’s going to be a very hit-or-miss coverage that develops inland and then heads toward the coast. Tomorrow there will be a bit more sun and even less chance of rain.

Ahead of a cold front by mid-week, the atmosphere will be considerably lifted. That will allow for scattered showers and storms through Tuesday. After the front passes, rain chances will remain very low for the remainder of the week.

Tropical Storm Karl has weakened to a tropical depression and will move inland over southern Mexico today. The system does not pose a threat to the US. There is also an area of ​​interest in the eastern Atlantic with little chance of development. Count on the NBC 2 Hurricane Watch Team to keep you informed.

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