Flood, Pensing Brooks attack each other’s criminal record

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLLEN) – The two congressional candidates in Nebraska’s first district are trading blows on violent crime and each other’s stance on public safety.

Congressman Mike Flood held a news conference in Lincoln on Thursday and said the rising crime rate in Lincoln is a cause for concern.

Storm called for the addition of 200,000 police officers across the country, citing certain crime statistics from the Lincoln Police Department comparing the first ten months of 2022 with the same months of 2021.

Flood pointed to data showing a 40% increase in stolen vehicles, a 28% increase in gun crime and a 37% increase in fires.

But Flood said his real concern is the increase in homicides in Lincoln. By this time last year there were 5 people. This year, there were 10 people. “When I go to neighborhood meetings in Lincoln, the number one issue I hear next to inflation is the increase in crime,” Flood said. “In fact, it’s an increase in violent crime. I get more questions about the number of homeless people that are found up and down O Street. The people of Lincoln are concerned.”

Earlier this month, Lincoln Police Chief Theresa Evins said that all of this year’s murders are targeted, and while it’s troubling, they’re not random. Meanwhile, other violent crimes such as rape, armed robbery and aggravated assault fell below their five-year average, the data showed.

Hurricane attacked his opponent, Patty Pansing Brooks, who has been soft on crime by supporting policies that allow for lighter sentences. “The policies my opponent supports are dangerous, they are destructive, and they send a loud message to criminals and law enforcement professionals that we tolerate crime here in Nebraska,” Flood said.

Patty Pansing Brooks’ campaign responded Thursday, saying, “In just three months in Congress, Mike Flood has repeatedly voted against law enforcement.”

In response to Flood’s proposal to add 200,000 police officers nationwide, his rival’s campaign responded: “Senator Panzing Brooks believes that we should always strive to have enough police on our streets and that our police officers are support high wages and good benefits. and the best training.”

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