Fire safety for cold weather

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – As temperatures cool here in the desert Southwest, the potential for fire-related incidents increases.

The Rural Metro Fire Department says that with the fall and winter months approaching, they want to provide local residents with advice on fire prevention and home heating and fire-related injuries.

“We have a lot of accidental fires in the winter, which you know are related to unattended campfires, space heaters are also an issue. It’s getting cold, people want to be warm, what do they do when they want to be warm? They’re getting some fire,” said Rural Fire Capt. Curt Nelson.

Campfires are one of those things that are great for a family, but it can turn into a tragedy in a matter of seconds, Kurt Nelson says.

“Unfortunately, Yuma has some very bad children who have been burned by fire incidents. I always tell people to treat it like a swimming pool. It only takes seconds. We’ve even had older people fall into fire pits because of the danger around the pit. there was travel and things like that,” Nelson said.

Nelson says the most important things to remember about fireplaces are to place around the fire and make sure the coals are completely cool before you go inside at night.

Another winter fire hazard is space heaters.

The National Fire Protection Association says that more than two out of five fires are caused by space heaters, and it’s the cause of most deaths in homes.

“So with space heaters it’s going to be the same, you want to keep a clear area around them so that nothing comes in contact with the heating element and catches fire. With some space heaters, you have to remove what be aware of it, and if you don’t have good circulation in your home, it can cause health problems as well,” said John Hansen, Metro Rural Firefighter.

Rural Metro says if you have any other questions or concerns about how to stay safe this season, don’t be afraid to contact them for help.

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