Everything you need to know about what’s on your ballot

BAKERSFIELD, CA (KGET) — Pulling a 127-page voter’s guide out of the mailbox and trying to decode the cryptic text inside may leave some voting blind.

Here is the list of races and propositions on the Kern County ballot broken down and explained in layman’s terms.

National Races:

  • Democrat Newsom is the favorite to retain the governorship because Republican Dahle wants to oust him
  • Two candidates in race for California treasurer
  • What does the lieutenant governor of California do?
  • Meet the candidates for California Secretary of State
  • Thurmond, Christensen face off in race for state superintendent of public instruction
  • Incumbent California insurance commissioner faces GOP nominee
  • US Senate Race: Here are the candidates for full and partial terms


  • What is Proposition 1?: California’s constitutional amendment explained
  • What is Prop 26? How casinos and racetracks can get into sports betting
  • What is Prop 27? California Online Gambling Law Explained
  • Prop 28 Explains: Arts and Music K-12 Education Funding Initiative
  • Proposition 29: What it means for Californians
  • What is Prop 30? Tax and clean air measure explained
  • Prop. 31: What this means for flavored tobacco retail in California

For more local election coverage and candidate profiles, visit KGET’s election links page.

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