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Eclipse, the dog who became famous for riding a bus in Seattle by herself, has died.

The official King County Metro Twitter account confirmed her death when they shared a photo of Eclipse in what appeared to be a dog park.

“Eclipse was a super cute, world famous bus riding dog and a true Seattle icon,” the account posted on Friday, Oct. 14. “You brought joy and happiness to everyone and showed us that good dogs belong on the bus.”

“Rest in peace, Eclipse,” they added. “Thank you for bringing us so many smiles.”

Eclipse’s Facebook page also confirmed her death on Friday and said she “died in her sleep this morning around 7,” just two days after announcing that Eclipse had “cancerous tumors.”

In 2015, Eclipse became a local celebrity when she was spotted riding a bus alone to a nearby dog ​​park.

Eclipse learned how to drive the D-Line on her own when she went on previous trips with her owner, Jeff Young.

Her first trip began when Young took too long to smoke a cigarette in Queen Anne’s apartment, so Eclipse jumped on the bus before Young could join her.

The black labrador/mastiff mix traveled all the way to Belltown, with Young following close behind. From that day on, she traveled to the park on her own, and local bus drivers even started recognizing the dog when she got on board.

“People on the bus are looking for her now,” Young said TODAY 2015. β€œShe really makes their day. … If I show up without her, people will say, ‘Hi. Where’s Eclipse?”

According to the NBC affiliate KIRO 7, Eclipse would even have its own bus pass attached to the collar.

“He gets along with everyone and smiles,” Young’s girlfriend Lauren Campbell told TODAY in 2015. “It’s a really special smile, and it’s really cute.”

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