Driver arrested after street racing, crash west of Las Vegas Valley

Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are investigating a street racing crash that knocked out power in a neighborhood and overturned a bus stop.

The crash happened Monday at the intersection of Flamingo Road and Fort Apache Road.

Just before 9:00 p.m., LVMPD said they received multiple 911 calls reporting seven vehicle crashes in the area. An LVMPD officer said there was debris from vehicles and three cars destroyed about a quarter mile down the road.

LVMPD said a Corvette C8 and a Toyota Supra were parked together at the time of the crash. Witnesses told police the vehicles were going over 100 mph before running a red light and crashing. One person was hospitalized.

Joshua Daya, 25, was arrested in connection with the crash. The nanny was charged with careless driving, speeding and disregarding the safety of people and property.

Joshua Daya
Joshua Daya(LVMPD)

People who work at a mall about 50 meters from the intersection say a car was coming through the parking lot and occasionally saw people speeding and revving their engines in the area.

Smokes Mart manager Megan Streeter, who was working the night it happened, said she is still shaken.

“It was like an astronomical boom, it went off like a bomb and then all the power went off and then we just saw smoke outside our window and what I had put together really quickly went off like a bomb Streeter said. “It wasn’t a screeching sound or a crash like a classic car crash. It was just a big boom.”

Metro said speed is one of the top five factors in fatal crashes. Police are still investigating whether he played a role in the crash.

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