DoorDash delivers Lincoln Food Bank bags across the city

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLOGNE) – DoorDash is known for its late-night restaurant deliveries of must-haves like burritos and chicken sandwiches, but every Wednesday morning in Lincoln, the company’s drivers deliver a completely different look.

More than a dozen DoorDash drivers streamed through the parking lot of the Lincoln Food Bank on Wednesday morning. They carried bags of food to deliver to people in need. Food is free for those people and delivery is free.

It’s part of a nationwide program launched at the height of the pandemic, when those unable to get around easily due to age or disability are more isolated than ever. It’s a partnership between United Way, DoorDash and local food banks.

“If we’ve learned anything from COVID, it’s that we’re not really hitting populations that really don’t have access to some of our services,” said Alynn Sampson, vice president of operations and impact at the Lincoln Food Bank. “There are some people who are really out of transportation or a network of people who can go get food supplies for them.”

In Lincoln, The Ride United Last Mile Delivery program delivers more than 200 bags of food each week, 30% of which goes to veterans at home. These bags include canned goods and easy-to-prepare items like pasta and pancakes. Transportation is very important for those who cannot spend much time outside the house.

“We hear a lot of stories,” said Peter Schneck, assistant director of marketing for United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County. “We recently heard about a woman who is 74 years old. He lives alone. He is disabled. So she can’t drive to the grocery stores. If she can get there, she can’t stand in line for food. It makes such a difference in his life that every week food is delivered to his door. “

DoorDash drivers, who get paid by DoorDash for delivery, leave the bags on the doorstep just like any other meal.

If you need delivery services, you can contact the Lincoln Food Bank at 402-466-8170. There is an initial screening, but the food bank aims not to turn away those in need.

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