DeKalb County killer enters plea deal

HEAD VALLEY, Ala. (WAFF) – A United Kingdom man arrested in the 2018 murder of a DeKalb County man has entered into a plea deal.

Marcus Ricketts entered into a plea deal that gives him 20 years in prison and he must also pay court costs totaling $679.

In 2018, Ricketts was living with Chasity Hill, whom she met and dated through video games. His father was William Goldin, the man Ricketts killed.

Court documents show Ricketts entered three separate confessions, in all three of which she claims Goldin abused her and Hillash. Ricketts also said he was afraid of Goldin and some nights he was hit.

According to the confessions, Goldin beat Ricketts at night, causing Ricketts to sleep next to him with a knife. Ricketts then says that on either May 4th or 5th, 2018, Goldin entered his room and hit him in the mouth with a baseball bat.

After being hit with a baseball bat, Ricketts grabbed a knife and stabbed Goldin several times, before Goldin collapsed and died in the hallway.

In a July 10, 2018, confession, Ricketts told investigators he told Hill what happened, and that he told him to get a barrel, put Goldin in it, and pour concrete. Then Hill helped him pour six bags of concrete into the barrel.

About a week later, they moved the barrel and buried it, Ricketts says.

Court documents filed by law enforcement describe the arrest, in which Ricketts initially denied any wrongdoing. After officers searched the property and discovered loose dirt, they questioned Ricketts again about it, the document says.

At the time, Ricketts told officers that Goldin was a violent man who had threatened and abused her, and she confessed to killing him.

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