Clark County officials are taking steps to ban most pets from pet stores

Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – A Clark County official has decided to implement an ordinance banning the sale of dogs, cats, rabbits and pigs in all Clark County stores.

The proposal gives businesses one year to stop selling all listed animals.

The hearing sparked heated debate in June with public testimony from animal rights activists and local stores.

Commissioner Michael Naft will to impose an order on Tuesday, and it could be approved within weeks if the council votes on the measure.

“There is no humane way to raise pets for sale in the pet store. We are also in a state of emergency in our shelters due to overcrowding,” Naft said.

Various businesses has submitted an impact statements, describes how the order can harm their companies, owners and even pets.

“The proposed amendment will not achieve the intended purpose…many puppy buyers want to choose a specific puppy. Instead of choosing a rescued dog, many buyers…buy puppies online, out of state, and sometimes even out of state.” they turn away,” said Puppy Heaven in a statement.

The proposal gives businesses one year to stop selling all animals.

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