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Bristol Police would like to thank the community for their support at this difficult time.

“This is just amazing. I never thought this would ever happen in Bristol,” said resident Shannon Rogers.

Members of the community stopped by Bristol police headquarters to pay their respects to the two fallen officers.

“It’s absolutely amazing to see all of this and all of the support,” Rogers said.

From a makeshift memorial to a vigil last week, the response to the deadly ambush has been overwhelming.

“It’s terrible that it took a tragedy to bring us together, but it was really amazing to see,” said Bristol Police Constable Conor Hogan.


“Obviously it’s a difficult time for us. We’re doing our best to find things to focus on, whether it’s getting back to work and helping the city and patrolling or preparing for the funeral or getting the word out for the fundraiser,” he continued.

Hogan took time Monday to share his memories of Sergeant Dustin DeMonte.

“He was the life of the party. He was the best dancer I ever met. He had moves I can’t describe,” Hogan said. “He was just a great guy, a great father.”

And he was talking about Officer Alex Hamzy.

“He was funny. He would take the shirt off his back for anybody,” Hogan said. “He was a hard worker. Basically a guy you’d like to be around.”

Hogan said the department lost two of its best last week.

And they could have lost a lot more if it weren’t for Officer Alec Iurato, who, despite being wounded himself, fired a single shot that killed the suspect.

“Hero is not a big enough word for him. He’s a superhero,” Hogan said. “[He’s] The 26-year-old and doing what he did under the pressure he was under and how he’s dealt with it since. He is one of my good friends. I’ve never met anyone like him before.”

“He had [Iurato] if he hadn’t acted the way he did, calmed down under pressure and made the impossible shot, we would have lost the whole shift, no doubt about it,” he continued.

For now, police are focused on getting back to patrolling the city and planning a ceremony for their fallen brothers later this week. And they want to make sure their families are taken care of, as online fundraising tops more than $200,000 as of Monday night and counting.

“They’re going to have to go through birthdays, Christmases and Father’s Day without people who are supposed to be there for them, and we’re going to do our best to be there for them with money and everything they need,” Hogan said.

Calling hours for Hamzy will be from noon to 8pm on Wednesday at the Lyceum Banquet Hall in Terryville. Anyone wishing to attend should park at the Terryville Fairgrounds on Town Hill Road. From there, attendees will be transported by bus to and from the banquet hall.

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