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MONTGOMERY, Alabama (WAFF) – Attorney General Steve Marshall has announced that a Lawrence County man’s conviction has been upheld by the Alabama Court of Appeals.

William Latham. 71 was sentenced Feb. 3 in Lawrence County District Court for first-degree stalking his ex-wife.

According to court documents, Latham and his wife had been married for many years, and during those years he began to physically abuse her.

In 2020, Latham’s wife filed for a restraining order, but Latham repeatedly violated it. His rude behavior led to an altercation that led to a car accident. He was charged with aggravated harassment and sentenced to 20 years.

Lawrence District Attorney Eric Jett prosecuted the case and won a guilty verdict, Latham’s team sought to have his conviction overturned on appeal.

The Criminal Appeals Division of the Attorney General’s Office took over the case during the appeals process. The Alabama Court of Appeals upheld Latham’s conviction on October 7.

“William Earl Latham was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his stalking and abusive behavior toward his ex-wife. In the past, stalking criminals like Latham received minimum prison terms for this type of heinous behavior. As noted in this ruling, Alabama now has a prison for stalkers. It imposes severe punishments.

Attorney General Marshall served as Assistant Attorney General John J. Davis and Clerk Jeremiah Johansen praised Lawrence County District Attorney Errek Jett and his staff for the ruling.

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