A ‘Worth the Wait’ support group has been launched for people who come out later in life

FREDERICK, MD (DC News Now) — Many in the LGBTQ-plus community struggle to figure out how they identify and then share it with the world.

Gloria Cassutto came out as bisexual as a teenager, but later became non-binary as an adult.

“When you come out as adults, it’s so different than when you come out as teenagers when you’re expected to figure out who you are,” Cassutto said.

A survey released by Gallup reveals that 5.6% of American adults identify as LGBT.

There is now a support group for those individuals who choose to come out later in life at the Frederick Center in Frederick.

The new support group is called Worth the Wait.

Most of the people in the group come from religious backgrounds, but the ‘Worth the Wait’ group provides a safe place for them to come out and share their stories.

The group currently has a wide range of people from around 25 -85 years old.

“We all deal with dating all the time because it’s never just a one-step process. It’s a lifelong process that you go through for many years,” Cassutto said.

Kris Fair, executive director of the Frederick Center, says the support group has been a long time coming.

“People have repeatedly told us what they want to see their community center building. This has been a high-demand program,” Fair said.

The center is currently working with the community to continue to improve and develop more programs.

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