A potential record sunflower crop is on its way in North Dakota

BALDWIN, ND (KFYR) – Sunflower growers may be looking at a record crop this year.

By Monday afternoon, about a quarter of North Dakota’s sunflower crop had been harvested. Both in terms of quality and quantity of the harvest, it was better than the average and much better than last year’s average. National Sunflower Association Director John Sandbakken says he’s heard reports of more than 3,000 pounds of crops in southeastern North Dakota.

“This is above average. The highest yield we’ve ever had was 1,800 pounds nationwide. So if the trend continues this year, we could set a national record here in North Dakota and the US,” Sandbakken said.

If weather conditions remain stable, Sandbakken expects harvest to be completed by mid-November.

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