A month after the shooting in Harrisburg, the family wants answers in the death of Kara Gregor

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – There were two incidents in Harrisburg on September 10th, both involving Kara Greger. A bar fight and a shooting both surrounded the last hours of his life. Questions remain as to what happened and who may have more information.

Like any proud grandmother, Stephanie Cournoyer likes to brag about Cara Gregor, who grew up in Lake Andes, Wagner and Sioux Falls.

“He was very responsible. He had three jobs. She was prom queen. Days of the Moon Miss. He was very popular with everyone,” Cournoyer said.

There are many good memories, but the last day of Kara’s life worries the family and raises questions. Kara and a friend went to a concert at the Phoenix Hall, where a fight broke out and Kara was told to leave. That’s when the family started getting calls asking for a ride.

Meanwhile, Kara’s friend claims she didn’t want a ride home that night. The friend recorded a message and sent it to the family over the phone.

“Are you going to be okay?” – said the friend, remembering his last conversation with Kara. “If you want to go home, I will take you home.” And he said, “No, I’ll be fine.” I will stay in the car.” I searched around Harrisburg for 15 minutes looking for him and I couldn’t find him at all,” the friend said as part of the nearly four-minute recorded message.

Kara’s cousin Susan Patterson also got a call from Kara asking for a ride. Patterson sent his brother.

“He got there too late because he saw two sheriffs pass by. So that’s how I found him,” Patterson said.

What law enforcement found was Cara’s body.

“She went dancing with a friend and how are you dead? I can’t believe it,” Cournoyer said.

They wonder: was the war related to the shooting? And who pulled the trigger?

“We want to know the truth,” Patterson said.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department says the bar fight is still under investigation and some of the people involved have been identified. Shooting is considered an accidental death without foul play.

Harrisburg Mayor Derrick Wenk shared details only after the shooting in September.

“They are 100% positive that it was a suicide. A gun was stolen from a vehicle. Yes, even though the Sheriff’s Department does not feel that the girls were directly involved in this person’s murder, they are still being charged with assault,” Wenk said.

A month later, the family wants to know what’s going on with the investigation.

“I want to know how they are pursuing this crime. I need it not to be swept under the rug,” Cournoyer said.

“Yeah, I’m not going to rest until I see what she does,” Patterson said.

The family believes that some people know the identity of others.

“I ask people to come forward. It can happen to your child,” Cournoyer said.

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