A local teenager is dominating the Lauderdale County 4-H Club

COLLINSVILLE, Miss. (WTOK) – News 11 is celebrating a local teenager who is excelling in agriculture. These kids have been representing Lauderdale County at farm events for several years as part of the 4-H Club.

Joy Kitchens, 13, went to the Mississippi State Fair to represent her 4-H club. Well, he did it with flying colors as he won the grand champion in the bird show.

“When they called my name, I was like, did you say that right? I was really surprised,” said 4H member Joy Kitchens.

But that wasn’t the only thing she won.

“My friend and I did a fashion design where we made clothes and we modeled them on stage. I got first place and she got third. I did a public speaking contest, which was my favorite competition, and I got first place. – said Joy.

As you can tell, joy is full of joy when it comes to learning new things about agriculture.

“It’s a lot of fun in a lot of ways because you learn responsibility and taking care of the chickens. You learn health-wise how to make sure they don’t get sick. It’s a lot of responsibility and a lot of care for them. that you win something, have money, and a band – it all comes together,” Joy said.

Joy loves to take care of her chickens and spend hours designing clothes, but her true passion is speaking.

“I want to be a speech pathologist,” Joy said.

The reason for choosing this profession warms his heart.

“Well, both of my brothers had speech problems, so I feel very comfortable for someone who has speech problems. I was invited to help them,” Joy said.

Joey’s older brother, John, is the first and only ambassador to represent the Lauderdale County 4-Hour Club. He shares his duties with the club.

“It’s a real honor because she doesn’t have a lot of 4-H in Lauderdale, so it’s a real honor to represent the county in this way. Some of the things I’ve had to do is organize the rabbit show. This is a new competition we’re starting this year. I have to make sure everything is in the right place,” said 4-H Ambassador John.

Joy shares why she thinks parents should invest their children in the 4-Hour Club.

“First of all, you learn so much that you never thought you would learn about chickens and raising them. I never thought I would learn about chickens, but I did. It was a lot of fun,” Joy said.

The youngest brother, Jacob, reports on the club.

“Hi, my name is Jacob Kitchens and I want you to join 4-h. See you there,” said 4H member Jacob.

The purpose of the club is to teach children about agriculture, description, independence and finance.

For more information about this club, you can contact the Lauderdale County Extension office at 601-482-9764.

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