A group of men gathers weekly to pray for the community and the country

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – The Patriot Rosary is a booklet that includes prayers, hymns and historical passages.

Every Tuesday night these men gather to pray for different causes and people.

Larry Tentinger comes to the Minnehaha County Clerk of Courts every week to pray and says it’s important to continue that tradition, especially now.

“We have been praying about many things for about three years, but in the last month or two, when we started coming here to court because we feel that there is no better place to choose the upcoming elections and the division in the country. us,” said prayer warrior Larry Tentinger.

He says that government agencies and the police are also top priorities.

“From the president, through the state legislature and the governor to this municipality, it’s clear here, and we just get together every Tuesday,” Tentinger said.

Paul Heiberger also participates in this group and says that prayer is important for all people as well.

“I love all people and my brother, whether they are my enemy or not, Christ loves everyone, we may have differences, but I have to live as a Christian, you know what I am I don’t believe you’re doing it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pray for you and that God doesn’t love you,” said Paul Heiberger, a prayer warrior.

And they will continue to pray despite various obstacles.

“Rain or shine, we prayed together at seventeen below zero and one hundred degrees. So we’re going to keep going no matter what,” Tentinger said.

The group prays every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. and invites anyone who wants to join.

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