A final hearing in a class-action rape lawsuit is set to begin this week

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – The final hearing of a class action lawsuit against the city of Memphis in the rape kit delay case will begin Thursday.

The 2014 lawsuit includes more than two dozen women who say their abusers walked free.

The first day of the final hearing will begin on Thursday.

Three women filed the class-action lawsuit in 2014, but it includes more than two dozen women who all say their perpetrators are living free because of the 2003 failure of the city of Memphis.

The case of Janet Doe and the city of Memphis will determine whether the city is responsible for failing to test more than 12,000 DNA rape kits.

Some of the women who are part of the lawsuit say they don’t want people close to them to feel what they did, while other women claim their attackers have not been found.

The lawsuit comes weeks after another Memphis citizen, Alisha Franklin, filed a complaint against the city and the Memphis Police Department involving her alleged rape.

Franklin claims that the man accused of kidnapping and murdering Eliza Fletcher, Cleota Henderson (Abston), raped her, and that if her kit had been tested, Fletcher would be alive today.

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