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There are still a few days left as part of the Toys R Us pop-up at all Macy’s locations in celebration of the birthday of Geoffrey, the Toys R Us giraffe mascot.

The nine-day event runs from October 15-23, with different themes appearing in a pop-up for each day of the event.

In-store scavenger hunts, giveaways and other activities for kids are part of each pop-up, and each day’s theme provides a unique twist on the event’s fun.

The event kicked off last Saturday with “Barbie Day,” followed by “Fisher-Price Day” and “Geoffrey’s Birthday.”

Tuesday marks National Geographic STEM Day at the Toys R Us pop-up, offering a mini Fools’ Gold Dig Kit for kids to dig for a gem to bring home.

The following events will take place in pop-ups until the end of the event:

  • Wednesday, October 19: Rainbow Loom Day
  • Thursday, October 20: Play-Doh Day
  • Friday, October 21: Pokémon Day
  • Saturday, October 22: Lego Day
  • Sunday, October 23: LOL Surprise Day

A complete list of 15 Macy’s locations in Illinois can be found here here.

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