Sudbury News: Mining Conference is all about sharing knowledge and finding solutions

This week’s conference was held in Sudbury called ‘note’ (Maintenance, Engineering and Trusted Mine Operators) Featuring senior managers from the region’s mining companies Vale and Glencore.

In total, about 400 people attended this year’s conference in the city. The Canadian Institute of Mining hosts the annual event and is a way to learn and interact with others in the industry.

β€œWe have people from the mines giving presentations or making themselves available to discuss best practices,” said Christopher Marelli, of the Canadian Institute of Mining.

“A lot of these companies have goals, whether it’s in the environment or cost operations.”

A few of the main topics this year were safety and efficiency. Regulators said if you are going to improve mining, you should think first about the safety of the workers.

MEMO Organizer Shannon Katari stated, β€œAll the tools, all the implementations and best practices put people at the forefront of the decision-making process so you can make production more…cost-effective.”

“You have an opportunity to drive real innovation and change so we can extract more land and support our lifestyles for the rest of the world.”

The third day of the conference started with a panel discussion. The conference is a good way to continue learning from each other, said Gord Gilpin, president of Ontario mining operations in the Valley.

β€œWe have a lot of important challenges to sort out as an industry β€” safety, environment and people hiring is a hot topic this afternoon as well,” Gilpin said.

“It’s very helpful when we work with each other and learn from each other on these kinds of topics. (And) we also meet some people and grow this network. The way we work through a lot of these things is with each other.”

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Next year’s event will be held in Saskatoon in mid-September.

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