Multicultural Center for Integration with Lutheran Social Services

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – The Sioux Falls Multicultural Center and Lutheran Social Services together are moving into the future. By next month, the two organizations will be under the same management.

Because the Multi-Cultural Center is a small institution, it has made a huge impact in Sioux Falls through the programs and services it provides. But interim CEO Laurie Knutson knows there are always challenges ahead.

β€œEvery organization that remains relevant needs to grow and change. While this may seem like a big change, for the long-term success of the organization we are excited to be joining a group like Lutheran Social Services, the LSS group that has been in this community for over 100 years.” . Knutson said.

The multicultural center will now become a service of the LSS. The goal of the integration is to help MCC services and make them more efficient, by handing over administrative and regulatory roles within the LSS framework.

β€œI think the process was really good. A very comprehensive process where we were able to take a deeper look at both of our institutions. I think both boards confirmed that there is a really good synergy.” LSS President/CEO Rebecca Kiesow-Knudsen said.

Knutson said nearly all of their employees will be with them after the merger process. One thing will not change no matter what the name of the multicultural center is.

β€œBecause we know the name is well known. We know this has a complementary purpose to what the LSS has, and they see value in it. It fits well with their position for New Americans.” Knutson said.

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Eventually, the multicultural center will be created from the LSS Center for New Americans on 6th Street. Although the Colosseum will remain a focal point for their services. As both organizations hope to start a new history together.

β€œWe have a 102-year history of providing services here in Sioux Falls, and we have great stability and excellent management oversight. We hope this stability and some back-office operations will help strengthen MCC’s work in the community.” Kiesow-Knudsen said.

Lutheran Social Services will take over the multicultural center on October 1. A final transition plan is still in the works, but the two organizations hope to have everything finished by the beginning of next year.

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