MLGW tells customers to “go online” amid closed offices and crowded phone lines

Memphis, Tennessee (WMC) – Amid crowded phone lines and closed offices, more customers are reporting frustration with Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW) customer support.

MLGW’s original slogan was “Public Service – Publicly Owned,” which many customers think is ridiculous.

John Fox is one of many Memphis Light Gas and Water customers who are tired of facilities’ lack of options when it comes to customer support.

Fox says he has a simple question about why his utility bill is so high at more than $200 a month.

After calling the MLGW customer support line a dozen times and getting the same busy tune, he was frustrated.

So, he drove from Bartlett to the MLGW headquarters downtown to get some personal customer support.

When he got there, he was greeted with closed doors and a security guard.

“She said, ‘You can’t come in,'” Fox said, ‘what about customer service?’

MLGW said the reason customers are being denied entry is due to the facilities’ COVID protocols, which will be lifted on October 3.

As for its customer support hotline, the tool said last week that it has hired more than 20 new customer support professionals to help improve wait times.

On Wednesday, MLGW said the new employees are undergoing training and will start working soon.

In the meantime, the tool has recommended customers like Fox to go online for help.

But he, like many MLGW clients, says the solution just doesn’t cut it.

Bottom line, he said, “I had no one to answer my questions.” β€œI just want to know why. Where is the customer service? We deserve customer service.”

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