Cameras capture workers illegally dumping trash at homeowner’s property at Golden Gate Estates

Collier County, Florida – A homeowner in Collier County has arrested a business while illegally dumping trash and an appliance on someone else’s property. Now he wants the county to do more to prevent this from happening again.

β€œWe found the truck at 5:30 the night before driving, backing off, tossing the cardboard out and eventually dumping the fridge,” said Nathan Mayer, who lives along 3rd Avenue NW in the Golden Gate Estates.

Meyer runs a security and video technology company and discovers a truck heading into a standstill on his private cameras.

“Well, it’s very annoying,” he told us. β€œI collect rubbish everywhere I go. Rubbish must be collected and thrown away.”

At least two workers are seen in the video with the truck on the side saying “J&M Balboa Enterprise.”

After telling the company about the dumping, Meyer said, he called the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. J&M workers are seen in futuristic photos returning to capture the chaos. Myers wants more accountability for people who litter.

β€œBecause I see signs on the highway all the time, $300 for trash. I wonder if that ever applies.”

Meyer said lawmakers told him the county has crews that pick up on reported illegal dumping. Nathan thinks more work is needed.

“So basically we’re picking up, paying for other people’s laziness,” Meyer said.

According to Collier County officials, the code app can only give citations if compelling evidence of illegal dumping is found, such as a video that can prove the culprit. If not, realtors can be held responsible for cleaning up the mess.

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They say if you catch someone illegally littering, call the sheriff’s office as well as law enforcement.

We contacted J&M Balboa Enterprise to ask if they updated the policies, they did not comment and ended the call with our reporter.

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