An eyewitness sees a live chase on Wednesday night in Davenport

Davenport, Iowa (KWQC) – A Davenport man was on his way to drive his cousin home with some friends on Wednesday night.

If it had been another night, Justin Ringnoldos said, he could have walked along East Avenue where the car eventually crashed.

β€œWe were still sitting there on Elm Street, just watching it as it was going on,” Renginoldos said. “[It] It took a few seconds for us to process what was going on.”

When Ringenoldus and his friends approached the quad on Eastern Avenue and Elm, they waved another vehicle along the road.

That’s when a 2002 Chevy Avalanche took off, swerved past, lost control, and eventually rolled into the distance.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, the police were chasing the car. Alicia Garcia died at the scene. Meanwhile, Damonte Stewart was taken to Genesis East Hospital in a “serious” condition. The ISP did not release who was driving the pickup.

Having had a rollover accident just last year, Ringenoldus and his friends set out to work, trying to help before officers drive them off the scene.

“Me and my friend Caden, we begin to slide on the door,” said Ringnoldus. β€œI didn’t open it, but Kaden did. At this point, this person was still in the car, at least moving. So he’s alive.”

Ringnoldus said he wanders in that area frequently.

I could have died on two separate occasions [Wednesday] β€œWhether my driver pulled up and went to turn left here, or if I was driving home in an easterly direction,” Ringnoldos said.

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While understanding that Garcia and Stewart were actively avoiding the police, Ringnoldos said he wondered why the stalker should be brought to a residential area.

β€œI realized it was an evening night, but it was still a school district. But there are houses everywhere, and there are children who have to be around,” Ringnoldos said. β€œI hope the man is fine. He could have done something that wasn’t supposed to happen. Like I still hope it’s okay. Still life or death.”

The ISP has not released the reason for the stalking. According to Iowa Department of Public Safety protocol, officers must consider the severity of the offense, region and time of day, among eight other conditions before embarking on a chase.

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