Aaron Rodgers Admits Taking Ayahuasca But Denies It Is A Drug

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers, but his controversial way of being has also disappeared from the rosters after he acknowledged his consumption of ayahuasca, but stated that it should not be taken as a drug. considered because biases arise only around a plant.

The quarterback was about to leave the Green Bay team before the start of this NFL campaign, even many rumors suggested he didn’t want to continue in the franchise, but he eventually returned to training camp. They march in the new season with a 1-1 point after losing their first game against the Minnesota Vikings and last weekend they won their first win by beating the Chicago Bears 27-10 at Lambeau Field.

For his part, Rodgers has reignited controversy with his statements for the “Pat McAfee Show,” citing his reasons for consuming ayahuasca, a natural plant, but one that’s not allowed in the substances controlled by the DEA, which in its Catalog I has provided information in the category of drugs, substances or chemicals that have the potential to be addictive and have no medical use, therefore it is not accepted in the United States because they cannot be safely used under medical supervision.

“Putting the drug label on ayahuasca or marijuana creates a bias. Ayahuasca is not a drug. It has properties that have hallucinogenic properties, but it is not a drug. We are talking about a plant,” noted Rodgers, creating a series . differing opinions on the subject. The four-time NFL MVP has two touchdown passes so far this season.

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