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Huawei proposes Watch GT 2e, an interesting restyling of its GT2 smartwatch that draws on the experience of its predecessor but is characterized by a sportier vocation and a more jaunty look. It comes with a comfortable breathable rubber strap, ideal for those who use the watch for jogging or outdoor activities.
It loses, compared to the GT2, the microphone and the possibility of making a call by speaking to the clock, but we feel that the lack is really not very influential.

GT 2e is equipped with a display Amoled da 1,39″ with 454 x 454 pixel resolution, which supports touch and scroll: on the right side two buttons, one of which – the lower one – is customizable. It measures 53 x 46.8 x 10.8 mm and is moved by the processor Kirin A1 which, among its main features, has that of consuming little and ensuring very good autonomy performance for the watch.

Measure the oxygen in your blood

There is another important novelty, namely the blood oxygen saturation monitoring function, information that has always been extremely useful for those who play sports but today even more fundamental following the Covid-19 pandemic. Knowing the oxygenation of the blood is in fact the first step to understand your health as well as training. The feature, which has now also been brought to the GT2 model with a software update, measures accurately. We have repeatedly compared the results of the measurements with those obtained with a classic instrument bought at a pharmacy for just over 30 euros, and the discrepancy between the measurements has always been minimal.

Watch GT 2e: heart and sleep

Also confirmed the measurement of the heartbeat capable of detecting bradycardia and heart failure. Unless in sport mode, the user is notified if the heart rate exceeds 100 beats per minute or drops below 50 for more than 10 minutes. There heart screen always shows the lowest, highest, and average activity level for the day. So that you can also keep track of cardiac activity at rest, especially at night.
Speaking of night, GT 2e also allows us to monitor our rest. The function, managed by technology True Relax, analyzes the quality of the different phases (light, deep and Rem, as well as the continuity of deep sleep), directs any breaks or naps during the day and indicates how many times we wake up at night. From the quality of rest we can take inspiration to change our habits and try to increase our well-being. The watch is then able to give us a picture of our stress level, combining a series of parameters, including heart and breathing.

The sport

L’watch has a GPS which amazes for its precision and accuracy. It is useful for managing sports features. GT 2e detects up to 15 professional training modes: eight outdoors (running, walking, climbing, hiking, trail running, cycling, swimming and triathlon) and 7 indoors (walking and running indoor, pool swimming, cycling, Elliptical Workout and bodyweight training).

L’app Health di Huawei

To keep under control the many measurements of the smartwatch and to have them summarized also on a graphical level in a better readable way, there is theapp Health di Huaweiwhich also serves to automatically synchronize the clock data with those in the app which also keeps the various measurements in the archive, up to a year, offering us a history of our states with colorful explanatory graphs.
From the app you can too change the dialsdecide which notifications we want to receive on the watch, read the weekly reports and upload your own music.
The only weak point of the device, which runs on a proprietary operating system, is the lack of a store to download additional applications capable of enriching the basic offer. Notifications are also perfectible. Speaking of WhatsApp for example, neither images nor emoticons are displayed.
Well, very well indeed, the speech autonomy. The house declares almost 15 days (a huge amount compared to the average of the products on the market). You get to 10 days with super conservative settings (especially of the screen), but you get to an abundant week stressing the device with thousands of steps, always active control of heartbeat and stress levels as well as repeated measurements of blood oxygenation .

Prices, colors and availability

Huawei Watch GT 2e is available in four different colors: Graphite Black, Lava Red, Mint Green and Icy White with soft fluorinated rubber strap. The price is 169 euros. A very high quality / price ratio for those who want a reliable watch, with an accurate GPS, good sports functions and, above all, a lot of autonomy.

Cellulare Magazine’s judgment: Huawei Watch GT2 e

Huawei Watch GT2 e is a smartwatch whose goal is to conquer even sportsmen. Mission accomplished for functions and depth of customization, even if, to tell the truth, there is still no integration with the main applications to share their results used above all by those who run. Autonomy is a winning factor, as is the accuracy of the GPS, which is not to be taken for granted.


  • Autonomy of over a week
  • accurate gps
  • Measure blood oxygenation


  • There is no store to download apps from
  • Notifications can be improved

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