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We had you spoken in April of the new Xgimi MOGOthe portable projector available in two versions: the basic one, with resolution a 540p and a brightness level of 210 ANSI Lumen and the Pro one, with Full HD resolution (1080p) and brightness of 300 Ansi Lumen. Among other things, let’s talk about full HD nativewith the possibility therefore of being interpolated up to 2K and 4K. Given the difference just 100 euro (The Pro costs 599 eurothe basic version 499 euro) we had recommended the Pro version that we tested in recent weeks. Let’s find out together.

Xgimi MOGO Pro: design and equipment

Xgimi MOGO Pro has extremely compact dimensions: 146 × 105.5 × 94.5 mm and a weight of 0.9 kg. Numbers that are reflected in the photo above where you can see that it is little more than a can and almost twice as wide. In the package you will find the remote control (Bluetooth, so you don’t even have to point it at the projector), the charging cable and little else, but it’s a really simple projector to use.


MOGO Pro has everything you need to play video from any source. First it is a real one smart Tv con Androidit can then download the most important video apps such as Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Rai Play, YouTube and so on (there are 16 GB of storage memory and 2 GB of Ram), just connect it to the home Wi-Fi network.

However, there is no lack of the possibility of using a USB stick o one hard disk esternoas well as being able to connect a game console thanks to the input HDMI.

A detail of the inputs positioned on the back of the projector together with the power button (red circle at the top) and the ventilation slots (left).

Image quality

As I mentioned in the introduction phase, the strength of the XGIMI MOGO Pro (which in Italy is distributed by Activate) is its ability to project images with resolution Full HD (native) to 300 ANSI lumen of brightness at an expense of 599 euro. Difficult to find better on the market, also because with this resolution the prices rise exponentially. The lamp is a LEDfor a duration of approx 30 thousand hourswhile the projection standard is DLP. Without going too far into the differences between the two standards (DLP e LCD) the substantial difference in terms of image is that DLPs have a better black rendering, and are preferable in multimedia reproduction (especially films), but have a slightly lower rendering in terms of brightness. DLPs then use the so-called “color wheel“, A disc of plastic material that has segments colored with the three primary colors. By rotating at a precise speed, the beam of light that passes through it takes on the various colors and allows the shades to be modulated through the chip integrated in the projector. This sometimes generates the so-calledor rainbow effect: if you quickly move your head to the side you may happen to see a colored line (a sort of rainbow, in fact) even if I must say that with the MOGO Pro this has never happened.

Projection on a green colored wall. The yield is still acceptable.

Provided you use it in a dark room (we are talking about a multimedia projector, not suitable for business presentations that usually take place with the light on) MOGO Pro showed good brightness and excellent color rendering, always vivid and on. The best results (such as the ratio between brightness / contrast and image size) are obtained within two / three meters of distance. However, it is also possible to use it from further away, obtaining diagonals that well exceed 100 inches.

From the kitchen table to the stove. About 3-4 meters away and the image widens without losing too much in brightness.

Among the things that surprised me positively, the presence of autofocus. In practice, just turn on the projector and place it against a wall. It will be the projector to focus the image in real time (try not to watch too much while doing this as it is a little annoying) for unmatched convenience. Among other things, the focus is always impeccable and no further corrections are needed. Then just move the MOGO Pro also to generate a rectangular image. If you really can’t (and visualize the classic trapezoid) you can still use the manual adjustment.

Here it is while I watch the movie Gemini Man, with Will Smith (left) and simultaneously one of the most boring football matches in history (right).

Battery and autonomy

The battery internal of 10.400 mAh ensures four hours of autonomy in mode ecobut if you use it at full capacity you will come to an hour and a half of screening. If the battery runs out, the system will automatically switch to Eco mode. It loses a little in brightness but the vision is not affected. If you have the possibility, use it while it is connected to the mains.

Sound and bass

Together with the automatic focus I was also really surprised by the sound sector. The system integrated by Harman-Kardondespite the suns 3 Watts of power it’s terrific. The bass is full-bodied and the sound is incredibly clean. The end result is a joy for the ears. Anyone who owns a mid / low-end soundbar at home will quickly understand what I mean. Dialogues usually suffer, dominated by sound effects, with the result that in order to have an acceptable volume of the voice it is necessary to put up with exaggeratedly loud ambient noises. Here, however, the dialogues are always very clear and without turning up the volume. Moreover MOGO Pro can also be used as a multimedia speaker to listen to music that you have, for example, on your smartphone or tablet. In this case the autonomy is eight hours.

This photo shows nothing but how well the MOGO Pro looks in my garden …


The projector XGIMI MOGO Pro it is a little jewel of video projection. Despite the compact size and weight less than Kg it has little to envy to the most famous models and offers a complete solution in terms of resolution, portability and connectivity. It turns into a real Android TV to take anywhere: on vacation, camping, at a friend’s house to watch multimedia content all together. It has the right autonomy to watch a football match or a movie without having to recharge, while within the home walls, with the possibility of using the electricity network, it also becomes perfect for gaming when connected to a console. The 300 Ansi Lumens offer good brightness in dark but not completely dark environments and the native Full HD resolution makes it perfect for contemporary streaming apps.

Plus it has some priceless goodies like autofocus (essential given its portability) and a sound sector that will amaze you with the precision of the dialogues and the richness of the bass in the action scenes. There is also the convenience of the remote control which can be used in voice mode thanks to the integration of Google Assistant.

A leading brand

Finally, if in general you prefer to buy models of more famous brands, know that Light is one of the leading brands in the projection market in China, and has won several international awards for design and innovation. In 2016, Xgimi was the first company to launch a projector on the market 3D Full HD followed, in 2017, from the first ultra-short throw 4K Laser TV; in 2018, XGIMI became the first brand in the Chinese video projection market, with 4 among the top 10 best sellers. In its history, the company has collected more than 20 international awards of design, including the CES Innovation Awards obtained in all editions from 2017 to today.

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