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Huawei Mate 30 Pro, the latest flagship of the Chinese manufacturer is the first to objectively suffer the ban imposed by the US government on Huawei and the result is that the new spearhead of the Shenzhen house arrives on the market without Google services. For this we tried Mate 30 Pro in its native version and we tried the pleasure of searching and finding alternative ways to download apps. A few examples? You can use Aptoide, Amazon Appstore and of course theApp Gallery built into the phone as well as being able to search for software on reference sites. It will be trivial but if you want to download WhatsApp just go to the official website and download. We also had fun installing Google services by ourselves, following simple tutorials on the net. Everything works fine, either way, it just takes a little patience. The one that usually animates technology enthusiasts. The result? You will find yourself using one of the best Android smartphones presented in 2019, a thoroughbred capable of raising, for the umpteenth time, the performance bar in every single department.

Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro differences

Huawei Mate 30 Pro: the best of design

Il Mate 30 Pro design it is very particular and is characterized by taut lines and sharp edges, certainly a voice out of the chorus. The peculiarity consists in a display strongly curved on the edges, to the point of making the profile of the body almost completely disappear. This choice made it possible to inaugurate a new solution for managing the volume of the device, which is no longer delegated to the usual rocker button but is controlled by two taps on the edge of the display. On the other hand, the ignition system via dedicated key remains unchanged. On the front stands a rather wide notch, which invades the touch screen. The aesthetic sensation does not make you cry for a miracle but, all in all, the design is appreciable. In defense of this choice, it is right to remember that this space hosts a large one array of sensors starting from the front camera up to the unlocking systems through face recognition. Suggestive stylistic solutions used for the back with the cameras housed in a large porthole, with a very strong hi-tech vocation. The materials used for the construction are valuable: glass and metal abound and even the finishes are impeccable. Excellent assembly of all parts of the device.

The display

The new top of the range Huawei has an excellent quality screen. The Oled panel it provides vivid colors and also allows a fine calibration, to optimize the white balance but also the contrast of the chromatic section.
Images always appear vivid and colors faithful thanks to the correct degree of saturation.
As mentioned, the display is strongly curved at the edges and includes an evident notch, which can however be masked by the settings, by turning off the upper part of the screen. The panel offers a resolution of 1,176 × 2,400 pixels with a density of 409 ppi.
The diagonal is 6.53 inches and extends in length thanks to a form factor of 18.5: 9.

The Mate 30 Pro hardware

The Mate 30 Pro data sheet is first in class. The recent one dictates the law Kirin 990 processor, capable of expressing brutal power, with reduced consumption and perfect control of operating temperatures. There are also 8 GB of RAMwhile the graphics section is managed by the powerful Gpu Mali G76 a 16 Core. Excellent news also on the storage front: the internal space provides 256 GB available to the userbut you can also increase the storage, thanks to the presence of a slot for schede NM card. In this case, unfortunately, the use of the second Sim is lost, because the space is shared between the two elements. Positive judgment on the fingerprint reader which has always proved to be fast and reliable. The biometric scanner it is positioned under the display glass and its performance approaches that of the best physical sensors.
Although infrared technology may appear outdated, we appreciated the presence of an IR transmitter, which allows you to control compatible peripherals, such as your home television. In this regard, we point out that the dedicated app works very well.

UI Experience

As per tradition, Huawei sports the powerful Emui interface supplied with Android. Both software are in their respective versions 10 and apart from the aforementioned absence of Google services, offer a truly enviable range of functions. Great attention has been paid to data protection and user safety, with encrypted areas and applications protected by passwords or fingerprint recognition, but there are also small goodies such as the ability to clone apps to have multiple accounts of the same. platform.
We really liked the way of capturing notes, which can be easily written freehand, like on a post-it. Perhaps there remains some detail to improve in the graphics of the icons, whose design is not yet fully aligned with Western aesthetic taste.

Judgment on the Mate 30 Pro camera

When the camera activation button is pressed, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro seems to jump and swell. The technical equipment is excellent. There are four sensors divided as follows: one main 40 Megapixel camera with 27mm equivalent focal length with f / 1.6 lens; a second unit from 8 Megapixel with 3x zoom, a third ultrawide element with resolution from 40 Megapixel and, last but not least, a TOF sensor for managing depth effects. Everything is powered by artificial intelligence that contributes to superlative shots during the day and splendid even in the evening, thanks also to an advanced night mode. Overall the camera appears slightly less flexible than that of the P30 Pro due to a lower optical zoom factor but equally effective in terms of performance and more stable in operation. The video sector is very good which, in addition to the 4K resolution, can exhibit a shooting function up to 7,680 fps in HD and 960 fps in Full HD for clips with great impact.


The audio section makes its contribution to the overall success of the smartphone. Both in speakerphone both during normal telephone conversations it is possible to appreciate a valid acoustic performance, even in the presence of rather high volume levels.
In fact, it is possible to benefit from considerable comfort even when the speakers are required to provide all their power. Listening to music and video content is enjoyable. The only discordant note is represented byabsence of the 3.5mm audio jack. Unfortunately, to use conventional headphones it will be necessary to use an adapter: a choice that, not only in this case, we consider increasingly incomprehensible.


4,500 mAh battery and perfectly optimized hardware are able to ensure high levels of autonomy. You get to the end of the day without any problems. The thrifty will get even more.

Our Awards to Mate 30 Pro

Mate 30 Pro sweeps away our Awards. In fact, the prizes for the Displayl’Hi-techthe photo and the design, areas in which Huawei’s smartphone excels in particular.

awards Mate 30 Pro

Cellulare Magazine’s judgment: Mate 30 Pro

One of the least easy reviews to write in recent years. Yes, because the lack of Google services requires several reflections, to make sense of the purchase of such an important smartphone. “Would you buy it?” It is the question I have heard most frequently during the test… the answer is a firm Yes! Yes, because by sacrificing a few more minutes to configure the phone, you will find yourself in your hands one of the best Android smartphones presented in 2019. A jewel of absolute value, aesthetically beautiful, with a generous heart, a complete operating system, lots of autonomy and a sumptuous camera. Of course it is true, after having invested over € 1,000 it would be good to have a ready-to-use product “out of the box” but if you love technology, like those who speak to you, the sacrifice will be amply repaid and maybe (for the less young) the rediscover that ancient taste, to search and install software from the net (once it was done like this) and to customize the functions of your new toy millimetrically. We hope that the conflict between Huawei and the US government will soon end and that the Chinese manufacturer’s smartphones will return to be certified by Google, in which case the Mate 30 Pro would also benefit. But there is more than one way to survive the problem.


  • The camera department boasts top-notch performance
  • Very good operating autonomy
  • The system proves to be powerful and responsive even in the most demanding operations


  • The volume management system is innovative but impractical in use
  • The 3.5mm headphone jack is missing
  • There are no Google services on board

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